Thursday, October 21, 2010

Positive Drug Influence

Drugs are a very controversial subject from person to person.  Drugs have been a positive and enlightening influence in my life and many others I know.  Some have also let the dark side of these drugs control their lives.

Types of drugs I've used: Marijuana, Salvia, Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms, Codeine, Alcohol, a variety of pain pills, and Speed. 

Favorite Drug: Cocaine. 
It is a very dangerous drug if you don't have a respect and understanding for the drug, and also if you don't know yourself and your personal limits.  Before doing this drug I made sure I knew what I was getting into.  To me it is the perfect experience.  After using it I have lots of energy, feel extremely content, have a clear mind, and have very deep and intriguing thoughts and conversation.  If I could be in the cocaine mindset forever I would.  Unfortunately in this life that is not possible.  I understand how much I enjoy this drug which is why I extremely limit myself to it, because it is a very nasty drug to be addicted to.

Please share your thoughts or story's with me!